Massage Therapy

  • Deep Tissue Massage Relieve chronic tension or pain like a stiff neck, achy lower back, or knots in your shoulders. Focusing on specific areas of pain and tension, this is geared toward relieving such tension in and realigning the deep muscles below the top muscles—as well as their connecting tissue. When the muscles are massaged deeply, blood flow throughout the body is increased. Repeated massage sessions can break up and even eliminate scar tissue. More intense than Swedish massage, this is for repairing certain areas of the body. The improved blood flow reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Deep tissue massage breaks down the knots to restore natural movement.
  • Sport Massage Loosen your muscles, improve flexibility, and increase blood circulation before an event or workout. Relax your muscles after an event or workout to fight fatigue, reduce swelling, and decrease the chance of sports-related stress injuries. This is also a key tool to prevent injuries and help you recover more quickly from sports-related injuries. 
  • Reflexology A special treatment for the hands and feet which encourages health and well-being for the entire body. The pressure is firm and slow. Your hands and feet do a lot of work, but often they’re the most neglected parts of your body.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders One of the best ways to get rid of your (literal) pain in the neck, this is the “ultimate back massage,” penetrating through all muscle layers to relieve aches, pains, and tension. Improve your posture and flexibility, help prevent injury, and reduce headache/migraine pains. 
  • Swedish Massage Relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, and reduce pain. Stress can cause muscle soreness, but this massage relaxes the muscles and reduces pain. Lowered blood pressure can reduce your risk of developing anxiety, depression and hostile feelings, and serious illnesses. Improved blood circulation leads to lower blood pressure and improved body functions. Removing tension from the muscles reduces pain, inflammation, and stiffness, and can improve sleep. All of this combines to make you happier, healthier, and more productive.
  • Trigger Point Massage Applying pressure to tender muscle tissue considered “trigger points,” (knots, lumps, or muscle fibers causing pain that may be the result of injury, poor posture or overexertion). this can help with sports injuries, chronic pain, muscle tension, fatigue, depression, headaches, and much more. Similar to Deep Tissue, the difference is that Deep Tissue massage uses traditional massage techniques to work the tissue, while Trigger Point massage manipulates or presses on one point, which relieves tension in an entire area.
  • Hot Stone Therapy Sometimes it takes more than just massage to really relieve the pain, soreness, and stiffness of the deeper muscles–it takes heat. This therapy combines the right amount of pressure with the right amount of heat to help your body heal without feeling overworked. Most kinds of massage can help relieve pain caused by injuries, tense muscles, or stiff joints, but this kind may provide even more relief because of the intense nature of the massage. Since the hot stones allow me to get to the deeper muscles better, a warm stone massage may leave you feeling physically better than other types that don’t incorporate heat.
  • Aromatherapy Use of essential oils that have been used for centuries and have many beneficial properties i.e. helping headaches go away, clearing up sinuses, etc. during a massage can add a whole new layer to it.When used in a professional manner, this has the potential to reduce stress and enhance well being. By applying it directly to your skin, it can have even more benefits; for example, relieving your headache or aiding in your circulation.